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Welcome to Chēdaka, a vibrant community and platform dedicated to empowering creativity, fostering learning, and encouraging collaboration. At Chēdaka, we believe in the transformative power of art, design, and technology to shape lives and make a positive impact.

Unveiling Our Vision: Empowering Women and Children Through Art - Discover Chēdaka's Story

Women participating in an empowering art program at Chēdaka
Student engaged in a fun and educational art workshop.
Children happily painting in a Chēdaka art class in Bangalore.
Happy kids, enjoying every moment, crafting art at Chēdaka.

Nurturing Young Minds

Chēdaka creates a nurturing environment where children can explore art, design, and technology, learning from experts in the field and working on their own projects with the support of our center. We aim to spark their curiosity, cultivate their creativity, and empower them to become confident individuals.

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Join us at Chedaka and be a part of our growing community of creators, innovators, and changemakers. Together, let's inspire, learn, and make a real difference in the world.

Remember, at Chedaka, your creativity knows no bounds.

+91 93419 72946

Dipti Apartments, 1st A Cross Rd, Basaveshwar Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560079

Inspire, Create, Impact
Together through Art.

Chedaka logo
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Children enjoying a creative painting workshop at Chēdaka in Bangalor
Chēdaka's joyful atmosphere with children enjoying creative activitie

Building Stronger Communities Through Artistic Empowerment

Chēdaka is the brainchild of passionate individuals who have spent years working with nonprofits, children, women, and communities in Bangalore and beyond. Our founder, Dipti Ramesh, has a rich background in working with organizations like Amnesty International India, VAANI Deaf Children's Foundation, and MITU (Multiple Initiatives Towards Upliftment). Drawing from her experiences, Dipti envisioned a space where children, women, and nonprofits could come together, share ideas, and thrive.

Our initiative aims to provide a hub for collaboration, innovation, and design at an accessible cost. We offer a range of services tailored to different audiences

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