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ollaborative art project with children and women at Chēdaka

Elevate Your Event at Chēdaka's Enchanting Venue

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Charity event space at Chēdaka Art Cente

Discover a dynamic setting where connections flourish and possibilities unfold. Chedaka's venue provides an ideal space to host networking events that bring together like-minded individuals, passionate professionals, and visionary leaders.

Networking Events

hildren happily engaged in an educational art worksho

we believe in the profound impact of charity events in creating positive change. Our venue offers a compassionate and inviting space to host philanthropic initiatives, fundraisers, and charity galas.

Charity Events

Chēdaka's venue, perfect for social impact initiative

hether it's a creative arts workshop, a skill-building session, or a personal development program, our versatile space caters to a wide range of workshop themes.


From Charity to Corporate Meetings— We Got You Covered.

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Join us at Chedaka and be a part of our growing community of creators, innovators, and changemakers. Together, let's inspire, learn, and make a real difference in the world.

Remember, at Chedaka, your creativity knows no bounds.

+91 93419 72946

Dipti Apartments, 1st A Cross Rd, Basaveshwar Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560079

Inspire, Create, Impact
Together through Art.

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Creative event space at Chēdaka in Bangalor

Discover the power of partnership as Chēdaka joins forces with other organizations to create meaningful impact. Through strategic collaborations, we leverage collective strengths and resources to tackle pressing social challenges.

The Perfect Venue For Your Next Event

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